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Thus, indeed, the advance of morality lies not so much in the discovery of new principles as in the better application of those already accepted, in the recognition of their true basis and their ultimate sanction, in the widening of the area within which they are held to bind, and in the removal of corruptions inconsistent with their observance.

Newman has admirably described from the psychological point of view this weakness in our grasp of the moral law : "The sense of right and wrong . In dealing with this subject, however, it is further necessary to take account of the historical argument.It may be defined as human conduct in so far as it is freely subordinated to the ideal of what is right and fitting.This ideal governing our free actions is common to the race.But she insists that the law has its ultimate obligation in the will of the Creator by whom our nature was fashioned, and who imposes on us its right ordering as a duty ; and that its ultimate sanction is the loss of God which its violation must entail.Further, among the duties which the moral law prescribes are some which are directly concerned with God Himself, and as such are of supreme importance.

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